Porridge Returning to the BBC 40 Years later


As part of the BBC's landmark sitcom season, the state broadcaster has commissioned a six-part series.The new episodes will follow Fletch, the grandson of Ronnie Barker's Norman Stanley Fletcher, as he serves a sentence for cyber-crimes in Wakeley Prison.. Porridge was created by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais in 1973 with both writers returning for the remake over 40 years later.





Fletch Mk II is played by comedian Kevin Bishop, all fast-talking swagger and eyebrow-waggling. Fletch found himself beholden to top dog Richie Weeks (Ralph Ineson, aka The Office’s monstrous Finchy) and forced to use his computer hacking skills to sanitise Weeks’ prison record ahead of a probation hearing - the problem being that Officer Meekie had his beady eye on Fletch, who wasn’t allowed near any digital devices - not even an electric toothbrush.